Rhuigi Villaseñor Partners With Zara on RHU—Redesigning Human Uniform

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Photo: Hugo Comte / Courtesy of Zara

Rhuigi Villaseñor, just months into his appointment at Bally and several years into operating his own label Rhude, has come up with another big fashion idea: to redesign the human uniform. From his living room in Los Angeles, he describes the purpose behind his new label RHU, a co-venture with Zara, as Jobsian—incidentally he is wearing a black turtleneck. “Good design is good design,” Villaseñor proclaims.

The menswear label—an abbreviation of Redesinging Human Uniform—exists in a post-athleisure, post-streetwear world, where clothing has to be as much a reflection of one’s identity as it has to be functional and comfortable. Two of Villaseñor’s key items, as such, are leggings and a nylon button-down—things that evoke the spirit of travel and sport. Logos, graphics, and vibrancy still play, and he identifies footwear and T-shirts as two prime opportunities for RHU.

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Photo: Hugo Comte / Courtesy of Zara